re-reading some notes from 2018, just remembered what a nice little thing the Gertboard was...

The microcontroller on that was my gateway into building little LED projects with ATTiny85

My LED raspberry pi bike wheel broke with rust-sysfs-gpio no longer detecting edge events from the magnet sensor... "nothing" changed in that library, or in my own code.

I found code that did some simple epoll like the library was doing - that sees edges ok.

A suspicious thing was the library was flushing the GPIO file right before epoll wait. I deleted that and now it works. That's been there since 2017.

Wondering what changed? Kernel GPIO epoll impl?

ah my strange home network where the static IPv6s for my Raspberry Pis are configured on each different SD card (i.e. OS image) but the static IPv4s are configured in a DHCP server against the specific board (i.e. MAC address) that the SD card is in...

what is going on with these epoll syscalls on sysfs gpio that I'm sure didn't used to happen?

This epoll only seems to be returning a poll result if a GPIO edge happens during the lifetime of the epoll call, not when I'm outside it doing other things...

fairly certain that didn't used to happen, because otherwise how the fuck did this ever work...

rabbit hole rat hole time / time to dig a bit more into why the gpio edge-driven polling thing in my bikewheel has stopped working...

of course what my Raspberry Pi LED persistence-of-vision bikewheel written in Rust needs is a plugin system

Shall I gratuitously solder a rotary encoder onto this entirely web controlled device / NO / let's take this device somewhere without network how will I control it?

I signed up to give a talk on Mastodon and Fediverse at Raspberry Pint, a (formerly-London) Raspberry Pi meetup... so now i'm building a little bot that will take pictures on demand and post them, photo-booth style, to a account

I really would like an ADC on my Pi Zero to measure battery voltage, but every time I look, I end up thinking the cheapest option is to buy a Pi Pico and use that as the ADC. At which point I get lost wondering if I should port the whole project to run on just a Pico, instead of having both a Zero and a Pico, and then I give up for another few months.

Running `apt upgrade` on headless raspberry pi that is strapped into the inside of my front bike wheel. Wish me luck.

After 2.5 years, this one hobby LED project's is 120kb long / 5000 lines, because guilt-free cut and pasting has been a faster way to get pretty patterns... it's got 113 primary pattern modes (some of which have a bunch of submodes).

it's finally time to solder that prototype board I've been putting off since August 2020 and instead just been using three crocodile clips carefully balanced onto the headers of my Zero.

(on the other end are 50 RGB LEDs stuck to my wall in a spiral)

Every time I read @beasts web page about their hosted and see:

> Use of netboot also makes it impossible to “brick” the server

I read it as a challenge.

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