My LED raspberry pi bike wheel broke with rust-sysfs-gpio no longer detecting edge events from the magnet sensor... "nothing" changed in that library, or in my own code.

I found code that did some simple epoll like the library was doing - that sees edges ok.

A suspicious thing was the library was flushing the GPIO file right before epoll wait. I deleted that and now it works. That's been there since 2017.

Wondering what changed? Kernel GPIO epoll impl?

another day, another surprise non-compositional behaviour with unix `fork` (this time, signal handlers...)

so my wlan has no ipv6:

in /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf all the other interfaces appear but not my wifi interface

that interface in `ip addr` shows not even a link local address which all others do

i don't understand what level of disablement this is.

other hosts on same net are just fine ipv6 wise.

clues so i don't have to be a reboot monkey? (it looks like it stopped working last time I rebooted...)

when I pipe a simple Julia program into netcat, the pipeline doesn't end - it sends the data and hangs.

Other combos of julia piped into cat, or echo piped into netcat, don't behave that way.

I wonder what awful *nix-fuckery I'm about to discover.

Running `apt upgrade` on headless raspberry pi that is strapped into the inside of my front bike wheel. Wish me luck.

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