didi a little bit of playing with data frames...

I'm following 779 accounts from 226 instances...

For 115 of those instances I'm only following one account...

24% of those instances account for 76% of my follows (and vice-versa... )

and the top 3 instances for follows are to accounts on mastodon.social, fosstodon.org and hachyderm.io

Turned on mutability for a struct in Julia, but expecting that I would sooner or later run into trouble with mutable data structures.

And my code went wrong on the very first usage:

a filled array of 50 LED brightness structures was filled with the same struct 50 times, not 50 independent ones...

Back to immutable style for me.

when I pipe a simple Julia program into netcat, the pipeline doesn't end - it sends the data and hangs.

Other combos of julia piped into cat, or echo piped into netcat, don't behave that way.

I wonder what awful *nix-fuckery I'm about to discover.

Playing with Julia programming language to implement a new LED pattern.

The version that gets installed on my Pi Zero is way out of date...

... but luckily I implemented an ASCII network protocol when I wanted to be able to try out Unison, so I can reuse that here:

send 50 x RGB hex values and a newline to stdout, pipe it into netcat, and the LEDs are updated.

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