Found this... some one or somethigs real or fake jawbone with a load of teeth? Not really sure.

Now I want a numerically alternate version of this to troll the fuck out of @noipv6

Today's charset encoding failure, at Starbucks Reserve Milan (drinking their olive oil poop inducing coffee that is apparently only available in this one branch)

Anyone identify this? It's in a Guildford local Facebook group... I guess it's basically a breakout box...

Character encodings 

3 levels deep? That's meant to be a single ä character.

Yorkshire puddings 

Yorkshire pudding mountain stealing the show from the roast goose breast.

scuba diving emergency 

here's what my headmount go pro saw when my air hose burst 18 metres underwater, and me and my buddy came up to the surface through all the air in my tank

mumble mumble category theory

it's a London Haskell meetup talk I did reviewing a blog series I made for Christmas 2016, the Twelve Monads of Christmas - which was (rather than a monad tutorial) an attempt to review 12 monads I liked.

Circumstances dictated that it was time for a Späti Glühwein crawl

t-shirt from around y2k. They stole our revolution, now we're stealing it back.

This picked me as the one passer-by he/she would stare at intensely and wag tail hopefully at. We had a nice cuddle after this photo. ( Hauptbahnhof, outside the Rossman)


It's hard to get real here in (although I have a couple of sources) so for my sausage and mash, I'm making a mixed grill of the wrong kinds of

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